Advance Payment Plan (APP)

No monthly payments, just a single up-front payment, followed by a choice of three final options at the end of your Agreement term.

How it works:
1. Simply choose your term and mileage. CA Auto Finance will determine the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) of your vehicle at the end of your agreement, this will be deferred to the end of the agreement and is the optional final payment.
2. The GMFV is deducted from the price of your vehicle; you simply pay the remaining balance (plus any interest) as a single up-front payment.
At the end of the agreement, just choose from one of the following options:
Renew: Choose a new vehicle from your local retailer and use any excess value over the GMFV towards your deposit. You can trade in your old vehicle or sell it privately.
Retain: If you wish to keep your vehicle, you only need to pay the GMFV.
Return: Simply return your vehicle to CA Auto Finance in a good condition and within the agreed annual mileage.


The features you can benefit from by choosing APP:
– Ideal if you were planning to pay for your vehicle outright. By deferring part of the initial outlay until the end of the agreement term there is less to pay today.
– Less to pay today equals more spending power. Why not upgrade to a higher spec or even switch from a used vehicle to a new vehicle.
– Provides an opportunity to retain savings in personal investments.
– No monthly payments.
– The GMFV protects you against any potential fall in used vehicle values.
– With a 24 month term you can be driving a new vehicle more often, meaning the servicing and maintenance costs may be reduced. This also allows you to keep up to date with technological advancements in vehicle safety, performance and economy.
– Flexibility – you choose the annual mileage to suit your needs; and at the end of your agreement you choose which of the three options is right for you.