CA Auto Bank unveilsits 2024 -2026 Sustainability Plan


  • CA Auto Bank outlines its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy, which aims to create value and generate profits in an ethical manner.
  • The three-year plan is based on four pillars: Sustainable Mobility, Innovation and Digitalization, Environment, and People.
  • Key goals include: ensuring that more than half of the new car financed are electric or hybrid by 2026; increasing the share of new BEV and PHEV models in the Drivalia fleet to 35%; and raising the number of proprietary charging stations in Europe by 45% (compared to 2023).
  • This sustainability plan is part of the Crédit Agricole group’s Societal project which aims to support transitions.

Turin, June 13, 2024

By 2026, 55% of new financing provided by CA Auto Bank in Europe will be for electric and hybrid vehicles, the European fleet of Drivalia will bring the share of new BEV and PHEV models to 35%, and the company’s electric charging infrastructure will reach 2,500 stations. These are just some of the ambitious goals of the three-year 2024-2026 Sustainability Plan unveiled by CA Auto Bank, the mobility bank controlled by Crédit Agricole Personal Finance & Mobility.

Based on CA Auto Bank’s mission – “To create mobility solutions every day for a better planet” – the Plan reflects all of the Group’s environmental, social and governance objectives, outlining an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy aimed at creating value and generating profits in an ethical manner. An example of this approach is the Bank’s ambition to have 80% of its new vehicle portfolio composed of electric and hybrid models by 2030.

The Sustainability Plan rests on four strategic pillars: Sustainable Mobility, Innovation and Digitalization, Environment, and People.

For each pillar, qualitative and quantitative targets have been set for CA Auto Bank and for Drivalia, the Group’s rental, leasing and mobility company, to achieve by 2026.

The Plan aims to promote sustainable and ethical conduct across all Group companies, with the goal of achieving responsible growth and generating profits that positively impact the environment and society. This approach respects all stakeholders, i.e., employees, customers, suppliers, the local community, and the broader environment.

Through the first pillar, Sustainable Mobility, the company intends to make electric and hybrid vehicles affordable for everyone, utilizing the Bank’s financial solutions and Drivalia’s mobility plans. By 2026, CA Auto Bank plans for more than half of the cars it finances to be electric or hybrid, with 35% of new financing dedicated to electric vehicles.

Simultaneously, the share of new zero- and low-emission cars will constitute 35% of Drivalia’s fleet, and the number of proprietary charging stations in Europe will increase by 45% (compared to 2023). Additionally, the Group will foster a responsible corporate culture by strengthening ESG requirements for its suppliers.

The second pillar is dedicated to Innovation and Digitalization, areas that are essential for improving both the Bank’s internal processes and the use of services offered to customers. Targets to be achieved by 2026 include the use of digital signatures for 95% of new contracts and a 75% increase in partnerships with start-ups that share the same commitment to sustainable mobility and responsible growth.

CA Auto Bank is also committed to the Environment, which is the focus of the third pillar. This takes the form, in particular, of a significant reduction in its carbon footprint, for example by doubling the reduction in CO2 emissions by 2026 (-16% compared to 2022) and by using a company fleet made up of fully electric cars for more than 50%, a proportion that rises to 90% if plug-in hybrid vehicles are included.

The well-being of People, starting with employees, is the fourth pillar of CA Auto Bank’s Sustainability Plan. To promote a proper work-life balance, a 28-day paid leave for the second parent will be introduced from 2025, and the hours dedicated to employee training will be almost doubled. In addition, the Group aims to achieve near parity in terms of gender representation, with women accounting for 48% of the workforce.

“The 2024-2026 Sustainability Plan is a cornerstone of our Group’s strategy”, said Giacomo Carelli, CEO of CA Auto Bank and Chairman of Drivalia.

“As the “mobility Bank for a better planet”, we want to drive change towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. In a world where mobility is a crucial driver of our development, we have a unique opportunity to turn this challenge into an extraordinary opportunity for positive impact. We will do so by drawing on the strength of our history and the good work we have done so far”.

CA Auto Bank S.p.A.

CA Auto Bank is a universal bank, wholly owned by Crédit Agricole Personal Finance & Mobility, which operates as an independent and multi-brand player in the vehicle financing and leasing and in the mobility sector. CA Auto Bank provides a complete range of credit and rental solutions and insurance services. Loan, lease and rental and mobility financing products provided by CA Auto Bank are specifically designed for the sale networks, for private customers and corporate fleets. CA Auto Bank has a presence in 18 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) and in Morocco, directly or through branches, with a total of over 2,600 employees.Through Drivalia, the Group’s rental, leasing and mobility company, the Bank provides a full range of mobility solutions, from electric car sharing to innovative car subscriptions and rentals of all durations. Drivalia deals with all-round mobility, offering innovative mobility plans that combine flexibility, a digital experience, an on-demand approach, and sustainability. In June 2019, the Company launched the Mobility Store network, physical outlets where customers can have access to all its mobility services. With the opening of the first fully electrified Mobility Store at Torino Caselle airport in 2020, followed by many others, Drivalia has become a leading operator in sustainable mobility. In fact, thanks to the more than 1,600 charging stations installed at all its stores to date, the Company has the largest private electrified network in Italy. The electrification process will proceed in all the European countries where Drivalia operates also in 2024.

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