CA Auto Bank: A year of commitment for a better planet


Today CA Auto Bank celebrates its first anniversary since its official launch, on 4th April 2023. For the Group, the past year has been a journey marked by excitement and inspiration. The company laid the foundation for success and achieved great results, whilst building towards its vision of becoming the leading European entity in financing, leasing, and mobility solutions – thus advancing the ongoing energy transition and the democratization of accessibility to zero- and low-emission vehicles.


CA Auto Bank expanded its market presence, tripling the volumes projected at the inception. End of period outstanding reached €27.3 billion, with a notable 15% increase vs. the previous year. Of this, €17.3 billion stems from new business partnerships. In particular, the Group’s operating income stood at €464 million, underscoring the Bank’s exceptional commercial performance.


Moreover, CA Auto Bank earned the trust of 60 new brand partners – engaged in the automotive, two-wheeler, leisure, light and heavy commercial vehicles, and marine industries – and approximately 10,000 dealers across Europe.


Also Drivalia, the Group’s rental, leasing, and mobility enterprise, has significantly bolstered its European footprint, reaching 14 countries and introducing innovative mobility solutions, such as Drivalia Future, a brand focused on the circular economy and dedicated to giving new life to off-lease cars.


The journey of CA Auto Bank has just begun. The excellent results achieved so far confirm that, on the way to the future, the company is on the right track. Above all, they reflect the extraordinary dedication and passion of all our teams across the countries where our Group operates.

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